HEPGen++ is an event generator for high energy exclusive meson / photon production.

It is based on the original HEPGen by A.Sandacz and was started as a pure "port to C++" in early 2013.

In the meantime it does not produce binary compatible results anymore, but has some other features that are pretty interesting.


  • All generators of the original HEPGen -- for physics documentation see: Original Page
  • More Bethe-Heitler and DVCS models
  • Output in LEPTOv2 with GFortran or F77 headers
  • A toolbox for reading in and analyzing LEPTOv2 files
  • A library for accessing all generator functions with interfaces for each cross section calculation
  • ...


HEPGen++ can be downloaded HERE


Guides and tutorials are available under the meta-tag hepgen

The doxygen documentation can be found HERE


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